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ProAV Integration Experts in Muscat, Oman

Experts Arabia Specialized Systems SPC is a ProAV Integration experts that provides high-end designs and solutions for Audiovisual, Automation, and Low-current systems to the Governmental, Commercial, and Residential sectors besides being a reseller and a dealer for many Audiovisual and control equipment manufacturers.

With our long experience combined with our certified and trained team, we can guarantee our services and solutions and we have the confidence to say that we can get our client’s satisfaction.

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ELV Systems Integration Experts


ELV Systems Integration Experts In Muscat


ELV Systems Integration Experts In Muscat



as ProAV Integration experts our rendered services can cover a project in its entirety from the original concept to acceptance of completed work.

Audiovisual Design and Integration

Our extensive list of services includes the following:

The design stage in any low current system is a crucial stage, it should start with the clients needs to create a clear image about the application, then selecting the right component for system creation.

And when multi low current systems are going to work together the design becomes more crucial to ensure seamless integration and interfacing between the systems and the communication protocols.

Going through the right process at the right time allow the client to avoid unnecessary late modification and extra costs. for more info Click here

As a separate services or combined we can provide programming, installation, testing, and commissioning as per the client requirement Including integration & interfacing between different communication protocols

Getting Audio Visual and Automation Solutions advice can be difficult to come by.
Our consulting services aim to provide your business with objective advice, design, and project management for any audiovisual project.
Many clients plan to take their projects to tender or have preferred supplier arrangements therefore Experts Arabia can provide consulting services to independently analyze and design a unified system to integrate all your technology requirements.


Acoustical Design in the early design stages gives a detailed view to the client about the future issues that might occur based on a certain usage of material to construct the building which helps him make the required changes before the construction itself.

In some buildings, it becomes a necessity to have an acoustical design, for example, in hotels and office buildings acoustical insulation is a must to maintain client’s privacy, while in Night Clubs insulation is a must to avoid public disturbance. Other venues like ballrooms, palaces, and churches that have marble used in floors must have special solutions to avoid reverberation and other issues. for more info Click Here

In many cases, clients looking to have an independent pricing or budget estimation either before the project start or while the work is in progress.
We can provide a detailed BOQ generation along with Budgets and pricing, out of a careful review for the design and drawings

Our Maintenance & Upgrades Services refers to the ongoing support and enhancement of low-current systems and equipment used in professional settings. Typically, this service includes the following parts:   

Routine Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Repairs, System Upgrades, and many more, for more information  Click Here



Lets Bring Life To Your Venue

Professional Audiovisual Systems (ProAV) encompass a wide range of technologies and equipment designed to facilitate high-quality audio and video experiences in various professional settings. At The Forefront of Ever-Changing Technologies with Full Commitment to fullfil Client's Expectations. 
Audio Mixer
At The Forefront of Ever-Changing Technologies with Full Commitment to fullfil Client's Expectations. As a Result, We Have a Well-Deserved Reputation of Excellence as ProAV Integration experts In Providing Smart, Sensible Solutions.
LibertyAV Solutions


Background Music System

Enhance the Ambiance and Atmosphere

The use of background music systems has become a popular practice in commercial and public spaces due to the numerous benefits they offer, First and foremost, background music can significantly enhance the ambiance and atmosphere of a space, setting the desired mood or tone. For example, relaxing music can create a soothing environment in a spa, while upbeat music can energize customers in a retail store.
ELV Systems Integration Experts
Background Music System
positively impact customer behavior and satisfaction. Research has shown that carefully selected and appropriately played music can influence customer perceptions, emotions, and behavior. For instance, music can affect the perception of waiting times, influence purchasing decisions, and increase customer dwell time, leading to higher sales and repeat business.


Automation & Control

Tailor-made solutions

Automation KNX
We design & implement an efficient, powerful, and sustainable system that gives you control over your facility
Automation refers to the use of technology to automate various tasks and functions, making the venue more convenient, and energy efficient.


Hotel IPTV

Enhanced Guest Experience

Hotel IPTV systems offer a wide range of TV channels, on-demand content, and interactive features that enhance the overall guest experience. Guests can enjoy personalized entertainment
Hotel IPTV
Hotel IPTV
Benefits of Hotel IPTV Systems


Digital Signage

Powerful Way to Communicate

Digital Signage is the most effective solution to keep your customers and/or employees informed. We can offer you a seamless service, providing you with hardware installation, content creation, software, networking, and management services.

Digital Signage
Digital Signage
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Digital Advertisements
  • Shopping Malls
  • Airports


Security Systems

Lets Bring Life To Your Venue

In our increasingly interconnected world, the need to protect sensitive information and secure physical spaces has become paramount. Access control and surveillance systems play a pivotal role in maintaining security
Surveillance Systems
Security Systems
Security Systems are vital components of modern security strategies. Whether in physical spaces or digital environments, these systems enable organizations and individuals to manage access effectively, prevent unauthorized activities


Command & Control Centers

Decision Making in Critical Situations

A command and control center (CCC) is a facility or a dedicated space where people, technology, and processes are brought together to manage and monitor a particular operation or activity.
Control Center
The main purpose of a CCC is to enable effective communication, decision-making, and situational awareness, particularly during complex and critical situations.


Architectural and Façade Lighting

Provides an astonishing way for your building to stand out from other surroundings and gives it a unique identity. This is what we do with our special design tools, creative team, and business partners

Architectural and Façade Lighting
Architectural and Façade Lighting
  • Commercial Buildings
  • Historical Buildings
  • Residential building
  • Museums


ProAV Audiovisual Cinema
ProAV System, Outdoor Cinema - Aqaba Recreation Center, Aqaba, Jordan
Audiovisual Videowall
ProAV Solution including 3x3, 55-Inch Panels Videowall - Audemar Piguet, Riyadh, KSA
Lighting Control
DALI Lighting Control System, Van Cleef & Arpels, Riyadh, KSA
Audiovisual ProAV Distribution
ProAV System, Buffalo Wild Wings, Jeddah, KSA
ProAV Solution including Two 3x3 Videowall, Grand Hyatt, Khobar, KSA
Transparent indoor LED Videowall, Basra, Iraq

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